starting a project

Can you help me fill in the gaps in my design? Created with Sketch.

We help with design ideas daily and are happy to assist.

Do you give free estimates? Created with Sketch.

We do give free estimates for your projects. Just mail, e-mail, or fax your drawings or sketches over, and we’ll get to work on your estimate right away.

Do you do projects for individuals? Created with Sketch.

We will do projects for individuals, although we do have a $150.00 minimum order.

Who is your typical customer? Created with Sketch.

Typically, we service schools, factories, hospitals, universities, property owners, mechanical contractors, general contractors and construction managers.

materials and equipment

What are your equipment capabilities? Created with Sketch.

High-Definition Plasma Table

  • 6’x12′
  • Cuts up to 1” thick stainless and aluminum
  • Cuts up to 1.5” mild steel with edge start
  • Etching capabilities

250-Ton Press Break

  • 12’ long
  • 3/16” mild and stainless steel 12’ long
  • ¼” mild and stainless steel 10’ long


  • ¼” thick mild and stainless steel 6’ long by 30” round


  • ¼” thick mild and aluminum steel 10’ long
  • 1/8” thick stainless steel 10’ long

Other capabilities are possible through our extensive partner network.

What thicknesses of material do you typically work with? Created with Sketch.

We typically work with metal from 26 gauge (0.0217″) to ½” plate.

What materials do you work with? Created with Sketch.

  • Hot- and cold-rolled steel
  • Galvanized
  • Paint-Grip galvanized
  • Pre-finished metal
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Inconel
  • Titanium


Do you provide complete mechanical systems? Created with Sketch.

Yes. Working with our extensive partner network, we provide complete systems that include sheet metal, hydronic, plumbing, insulation and controls.

Do you do plant maintenance work? Created with Sketch.

Yes, we work in plants on machine guarding, packaging lines, dust collection and repairing existing lines.

Do you perform food-grade welding? Created with Sketch.

Yes, we perform food-grade fabrication that includes welding and polishing. We typically work in food-processing plants building spouts and hoppers. We work on these items here at our plant and on the job sites.

Do you do machine work? Created with Sketch.

We have limited machine shop capabilities. We have a lathe, end mill and surface grinder. All of these are manual and not CNC.

Do you fabricate or install building structural framing? Created with Sketch.

We do not fabricate building structural framing. However, we do fabricate and install structural supports for HVAC equipment.

Do you do work on stainless counters and kitchen equipment? Created with Sketch.

We do welding and polishing of stainless steel in our shop or on job sites. We install commercial kitchen equipment and hoods.

Do you do residential heating and cooling? Created with Sketch.

We do not do installation of residential heating and cooling systems. However, we build ductwork for residential heating and cooling systems subject to our $150.00 minimum order policy.

Do you do on-site welding? Created with Sketch.

Yes, we are fully set up for on-site welding as part of our installation process. We are set up for MIG, TIG and stick welding of steel, stainless and aluminum.

Do you do installation? Created with Sketch.

Yes, we install HVAC and industrial systems and equipment.

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